As an IYT Worldwide partner school your candidates will benefit from access to the best yacht training program in the world, with courses designed to meet the training needs from entry-level novice to fully qualified professional yacht captains. You will also benefit from being part of an increasingly recognized global brand with a direct link from the IYT website to your school website.

The management of IYT have developed relationships over the years with all of its schools, their principals, members of the professional yachting industry as well as government officials, and are dedicated to bringing the pleasure and safety of yachting to the global public.

While our courses are developed in the English language we encourage schools to instruct in their native language so the candidate gets the utmost from his or her training experience. We invite you to apply to join our network of global partner schools and become a member of the IYT family.

Reasons for and Benefits of Joining

  • IYT is a Worldwide recognized brand.
  • New schools from all over the world join every week.
  • IYT currently (March 2017) has almost 250 partner schools in 56 countries.
  • Our commitment to standards of excellence, hands-on practical training and quality instruction have made IYT Worldwide the world's number one choice for nautical training.
  • No other nautical company in the world is as internationally recognized as IYT Worldwide.
  • No other nautical company has 50-plus international government approved or recognized courses.
  • No other organization offers such a diverse range of nautical training.
  • IYT has a proven track record of 20 years in business.
  • IYT has achieved the highest level of internationally recognized and sanctioned best practices (ISO 9001:2015) certification, internationally recognized Quality Management System.
  • Companies that join IYT substantially increase their revenues and customer base.
  • IYT has developed an international modular format of standardized training.
  • Initial and subsequent modules can be completed with any one of our partner schools anywhere in the world.
  • Students can, for example, begin training in Croatia and complete training in Australia.
  • All schools teach to the same syllabus with the same course materials and standards.
  • As a recreational IYT school you may offer your candidates an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) through IYT Worldwide and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency of Great Britain (MCA). The ICC is required to operate pleasure craft in most European waters.
  • The company offers an entire range of recreational courses from entry-level sailing and powerboat courses up to Yachtmaster Ocean celestial navigation.
  • IYT courses are available in multiple languages so your candidates may train and study using their native language.
  • IYT offers professional government approved yachting courses such as Basic STCW Training and MCA Approved Master of Yachts.
  • Our Professional Yachting courses are recognized by 20-plus governments worldwide for commercial use, including the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).
  • IYT has recently started a new division (International Maritime Training) to train Military Special Forces and Marine Police.

Membership Levels

IYT has two levels of membership: Recreational School Membership and Professional School Membership.

Recreational partner schools may offer courses ranging from Personal Watercraft Operations and Dinghy Sailing to Yachtmaster Ocean celestial navigation. Instructors will be appropriately qualified for each course a school is approved to offer.

If you are thinking of joining, we welcome an application for your school and instructors.

Recreational schools may qualify to offer the following courses. Please find course details in the courses section of the site.

Recreational Courses

Dinghy Sailing - Bronze Level – Start SailingDinghy Sailing – Silver Level – Safe Sailing

Dinghy Sailing – Gold Level - Independent Sailing

Dinghy Sailing – Platinum Level – Perfected Sailing

International Yacht Racing

Introduction to Yachting

International Crew Power or Sail

International Bareboat Skipper Power or Sail

Marine Communications - VHF/SRC Operations

Personal Watercraft Operator (PWC)

Small Powerboat & RIB Master (MCA Approved)

Powerboat Skipper

Navigation Master

Weather Master

International Certificate of Competency <10m Power Coastal

International Certificate of Competency <10m Power Coastal & Inland

International Certificate of Competency <24m Power Coastal

International Certificate of Competency <24m Power Coastal & Inland

International Certificate of Competency <24m Sail & <10m Power Coastal

International Certificate of Competency <24m Sail & <10m Power Coastal & Inland

International Certificate of Competency PWC Coastal

International Certificate of Competency PWC Coastal & Inland

Yachtmaster Coastal Power or Sail

Yachtmaster Offshore Power or Sail

Yachtmaster Ocean


Instructor Requirements

Vessel Requirements

For Approval to Train on a Sailboat

  • The school must own or have access to charter a sailing vessel with auxiliary engine.
  • The sailing vessel must have capacity for overnight stay including beds for at least five to six crew and an instructor, a galley and heads.
  • The vessel's minimum length should be approximately 10 metres/30 feet.
  • Instructors must be trained and show experience and/or qualifications on a sailboat of corresponding size and type.

For Approval to Train on a Powerboat

  • The school must own or have access to charter a power vessel.
  • The power vessel should be a cruising vessel with capacity for overnight stay including beds for beds for at least five to six crew and an instructor, a galley and heads.
  • The vessel's minimum length should be approximately 10 metres/30 feet and have twin inboard engines. (A single inboard may be accepted, but a vessel with outboard engines is not acceptable).
  • Instructors must be trained and show experience and/or qualifications on a powerboat of corresponding size and type.

To certify students for both power and sail qualifications they must undertake the practical examination on a sailboat AND a powerboat, and have some practical experience on both sail and power vessels. This prerequisite sea time requirements must meet the sea time requirements for that certificate level. 

You may not train/examine students for power endorsement using a sailboat under auxiliary engine.

For Approval to Teach the Small Powerboat & RIB Master Course

To offer the Small Powerboat and RIB course, you must have an outboard driven RIB or other open style boat.

Classroom Requirements

Classroom must be equipped with necessary items/equipment to facilitate instruction of course they are applying to instruct. 
Proof of classroom and office facilities must be in form of photographs of interior and exterior.

What Does It Cost to be an IYT School?

Broad Headings

  • School Membership & Audit Fees.
  • Instructor Registration
  • Course Costs & Certificates.
  • Shipping & Handling.

Membership & Audit Fees

Please see this document for school membership fees (as of April 1, 2017)  school membership fees.

Those schools applying for professional status must be inspected prior to gaining approval to join IYT. The cost of the inspection must be paid prior to the initial visit. We try and keep these costs to a minimum.

These expenses will vary based on the school’s location as price of airfare and accommodations and daily expenses will vary. The daily rate of the inspector will also vary. It would be wise to calculate $4,000 to $6,000 per visit, however, this is not an official quote and is only given as a guideline to schools to aid in making a decision to pursue. Becoming an IYT professional partner school is an expensive process and we want schools to be aware of this before spending a vast amount of effort on something they may not be prepared to undertake.

All IYT schools are subject to periodic audits to ensure that they are complying with appropriate standards. Schools pay for the audits, but we attempt to keep costs to a minimum and spread them across a number of schools in the region. It's very hard for us to be specific about how frequently audits will take place and exactly what they will cost. We have to reserve the right to visit schools at anytime, but also realise that it wouldn't make sense to burden schools with excessive compliance costs.

Instructor Registration/Membership & Cost

All schools must have at least one registered instructor. Only registered instructors can deliver IYT courses. They may also order IYT certificates for the students they have trained successfully.

Instructors pay for their initial certificates which are valid for five years from date of issue. Thereafter, to remain in good standing instructors would have to undertake any required further professional development training and pay an annual membership subscription.

Please see this document for Instructor Membership & Certificate Prices as of April 1, 2017 instructor cert and membership fees.  The cost is based on the range of courses covered and the depth of knowledge required.

Course Costs & Certificates

The cost of all courses are determined by the school, not IYT. Schools set their own prices and schedules based on their geographic and economic situation.

All IYT certificates are photo based, credit card style and come with enhanced security features such as holograms and QR codes, with the exception of some dinghy certificates.

Certificates are to be ordered and paid for online.

Shipping & Handling

  • Certificates will be processed and shipped only after payment has been received.
  • Please allow four weeks for processing. This does not include delivery time.
  • Airmail may take up to four weeks to reach final destination, if at all. It is not traceable so there is no tracking number. We strongly discourage airmail and are not responsible for lost airmail shipments.
  • If airmail is the chosen method of shipment and the package is lost, you will be billed for the full cost of the replacement plus shipping. (Airmail is free of charge).
  • Courier takes three to five business days depending on location and you will receive the tracking number when your order ships. (May range from $30 to $90 based on location - we cannot quote exact prices here).

 To become an IYT partner school, please fill out the School Application form: click here