To renew a Master of Yachts certificate, please follow the step-by-step instructions listed here to create a profile.

Documents needed for Master of Yachts

  • Documented proof of 50 days at sea within last 5 years (seatime logbook scans)
  • Current medical fitness examination - must be dated within the last 2 years, and must contain colourblindness test, and list any restrictions. Download a medical form here: eyesight_medical_fitness_standard_form.pdf
  • Head shot photo in profile (this will be printed on your card)
  • Shipping address in profile
  • Government-issued ID in profile
  • Revalidate within 5 years, no earlier than 6 months before expiry. Late revalidation penalty fees apply to expired Master of Yachts certificates (see below).

Renewal/Replacement Costs

Do I have to renew my Master of Yachts Limited if I hold a Master of Yachts Unlimited Certificate of Competency?

Technically the answer is no as the Master of Yachts Unlimited is a higher level than the Master of Yachts Limited. 
However, The Master of Yachts Limited is proof that one can command a vessel up to 200 tons, Power or Sail or Power & Sail.
The Master of Yachts Unlimited is proof that one can navigate using a sextant offshore but does not state whether it is Power or Sail. 
Most insurance companies want to see the Master of Yachts Limited and not the Unlimited which is why both are recommended to be kept current.

Late Fees for Master of Yachts

Please be aware that late fees apply for Master of Yachts certificate revalidations:

1. Up to 1 year out of date: a late penalty of $90.00 USD
2. Up to 2 years out of date: a late penalty of $180.00 USD
3. Over 2 years out of date:
         a) Sit an oral examination (either in-person or virtual over Zoom, Webex, etc.) at an IYT Worldwide-approved Master of Yachts school (subject to examiner costs). In the event of failing the oral, the candidate will be required to re-sit the theory course.
         b) A late penalty of $270.00 USD
4. Over 3 years out of date:
         a) Practical, oral, and written exam re-sit requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
         b) Please email with all sea time from within the last 5 years and copies of all professional licenses (IYT and non IYT) before placing your renewal order.
         c) If over 3 years out of date: a late penalty of $360 USD.