Yachting and Colourblindness

The problem with colour blindness on yachts (or any type of vessel) is that one cannot differentiate between red and green navigation lights, which is a very serious problem when entering harbours or trying to identify other vessels at sea at night.

Colourblindness restrictions are important for the safety of everyone on board and at sea.

Certificate Restrictions

The MCA are no longer allowing Deckhands, Officers of the Watch, Mates or Masters who have color blindness to hold MCA certification. In the past, those who were diagnosed with color blindness were issued certificates with the endorsement” no solo watch” or “dual watch only”.

Because the IYT/MCA Master of Yachts certificates are commercial in nature, IYT will be complying with the same MCA requirements and will be unable to issue any commercial certificates to those who have color blindness.  It is imperative that students undertake a color blindness test BEFORE they enroll in any IYT/MCA commercial course as we will not be able to certify them.
Also, it is important to note that a ‘lantern test’ for color blindness is no longer accepted.  The test must be an Ishihara or CAD test. 
Those who already hold IYT/MCA commercial certificates with a color blindness endorsement “no solo watch” will be able to renew with the same endorsement”.