If you are an existing IYT Partner School and you wish to add the International Certificate of Competency (ICC) to your offering, please contact us at support@iytworld.com.  We will review the school's information and instructors assigned to the school.  We require an inspection of facility prior to approving schools to offer the MCA ICC.  We will send an IYT representative to inspect the premise/vessels and possibly attend a portion of a course.  We always attempt to find a representative as near to the school as possible to reduce the costs.  Coordination of date/time will be between the representative and the school.  This is all at the school’s expense.  These expenses will vary based on school’s location as price of airfare and accommodations and daily expenses will vary.  The daily rate of the inspector will also vary and should be negotiated with the IYT representative.

The following forms should be completed prior to the inspection and sent to the IYT representative performing the inspection. 

You should also be aware of potential future random audits by IYT also conducted at the school's expense.  Expect 5 years between audits.