• One must hold or obtain a VHF Radio Operators Certificate.
  • One must hold or obtain all four STCW'95 Basic Safety Training Certificates.  If STCW Safety Training is taken after January 1st, 2014 the new Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness is also required.
  • One must hold the IYT Maritime Business & Law Elearning Course Completion certificate OR book and take the course an approved IYT partner school that offers Master of Yachts Limited.  Schools will determine the fee for this course if you choose to take the course at an approved school and not take the IYT online elearning course. 
  • Candidates must provide documented evidence of boating experience as stated below:
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  • Sea time must be on a yacht (at least 10m in length) which can be defined as a non-cargo carrying vessel for recreational or commercial charter purposes.
  • You must be an active crew member at sea; therefore, a day is defined as a period of 8 consecutive hours.
    • We do not accept ship yard service and stand-by service as sea time.
  • The term “at sea” is defined as being on a vessel outside of any harbour – natural or artificial – in which a cruising yacht could secure or anchor for a prolonged period.
  • The nautical miles must be on genuine cruises or passages, not short-day trips. The candidate must have considerable time of actual vessel handling.
  • The minimum 1,500 nm for the power endorsement cannot include sea time on any monohull sailing vessel driven under power.
  • If you have a sea time logbook, please scan copies of pages, and send them to us in one PDF document; make sure your name is at the top of each page prior to scanning.
  • You may also use these documents: (you must be logged in to your IYT Account to access)
  • A current medical fitness examination and a colour blindness eyesight examination which allows the participant to safely perform the relevant duties on a yacht. Medical/Eyesight examinations are valid for a period of two years. Click here to download a medical exam form: eyesight_medical_fitness_standard_form.pdf

“Critical Information – Please do not disregard this note - MCA/IYT no longer certifying candidates who are color blind”

The MCA are no longer allowing Deckhands, Officers of the Watch, Mates or Masters who have color blindness to hold MCA certification. In the past, those who were diagnosed with color blindness were issued certificates with the endorsement” no solo watch” or “dual watch only”.

Because the IYT/MCA Master of Yachts certificates are commercial in nature, IYT will be complying with the same MCA requirements and will be unable to issue any commercial certificates to those who have color blindness.  It is imperative that students undertake a color blindness test BEFORE they enroll in any IYT/MCA commercial courses as we will not be able to certify them.

Also, it is important to note that a ‘lantern test’ for color blindness is no longer accepted.  The test must be an Ishihara or CAD test. 

Those who already hold IYT/MCA commercial certificates with a color blindness endorsement “no solo watch” will be able to renew with the same endorsement”.  

For candidates who are hearing impaired, hearing loss should not exceed 20 decibels for the frequencies of 500Hz, and 1000Hz and 2000Hz. When hearing level does not meet these standards, hearing aids may be accepted providing the above standards can be reached when using the aid and watch keeping duties at sea can be adequately performed.

Candidates with Type 1 Diabetes may receive the IYT Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate and Limited Certificates of Competency.  However, please know that the MCA may not allow you to progress to the OOW or 500 and > Master Certification. 

Please note that the MCA will not issue an STCW qualification to candidates who do not pass the “ENG1 Medical Fitness Examination”.  The MCA will not allow you to progress to the OOW or 500 and > Master Certification.