The UNECE require International Certificate of Competency (ICC) cardholders’ signature to be present on all ICC cards. IYT are removing the signature strip from the back of our cards and moving to digital signatures. Therefore, we are implementing the addition of student’s signature upload into their profile/account ID, in order to print this on their International Certificate of Competency (ICC) card.

Please know that our server is protected with WAF, Cloudflare and the communication is encrypted using SSL certificate from DigiCert. Cloudflare adds layers of firewall as well as continuously monitors the access being made to the server. It blocks any access that appears suspicious. We also scan our servers regularly with antivirus applications. Therefore, you can rest assured that your information and uploads are safe and secure.

The system is now configured to require the signature upload before we can process/print an ICC.  This upload is quite simple.  The candidate must sign in blue or black ink on a white piece of paper and take a photograph which they upload to their profile. 

If this is a new profile/account ID, please follow these steps to include the signature upload, as well as the steps to create an IYT Account ID here Demo Account ID Creation/ Student Registration . 

1.       Write your signature on a white piece of paper using blue or black ink.

2.       Take a photograph of the signature in good lighting with no shadows on the page. 

3.       Crop the photo close to the edge of the signature. If you have not used this feature before, please follow the instructions below.  Using the edit feature in the phone’s camera, edit the photo and crop to the edges of the signature.


4.       Click save after you have determined the size to crop.


5.       Please reduce the size of the image to less than 200 kb.  Do this as shown below if you have not used this feature.  Remember to click the save button on top right. 


** For the next steps, if you wish to proceed on a computer, you will need to email the photo to yourself first, so you can save it to your desktop. **

6.       Log in to your profile to add the photo.

a.       Go to the Dashboard menu, then Edit My Details and follow the directions.

Image Placeholder

7.       Click the dropdown arrow beside “No change of image” and then click “Upload image”.

Image Placeholder

8.       Click “select file / browse” for the photo

Image Placeholder

9.   Your signature image will appear.  If you wish to edit the image, please click the edit button. 

10.   You can move the brightness up and the contrast up slightly to take away the dark background.  However, we will check this in production and alter if necessary. 

11.   Here we have increased the brightness and the contrast.  You can see now that it appears with a white background.  Click update, then save and close.


12.   You can also crop the image and select the signature area. This will help crop unwanted white space on the left, right, top and bottom of the signature.

Make sure to Select "Update" on the bottom left of the page, to ensure all uploads and changes have been saved to your account.

If you experience any difficulties uploading your signature after following these steps, please email the photo and your IYT ID number, and we will upload it on your behalf.