The STCW95 refresher training course is now compulsory for all certificates with an expiry date after January 1st, 2017.

  • Basic STCW 95 refresher training is now mandatory every five years.
  • This is a 2-day course of practical training for Personal Survival Techniques and Basic Fire Fighting.
  • To avoid retaking the entire Personal Survival Techniques module, students must complete a self-declaration form declaring they have performed the following duties during drills or simulated exercise situations within the last 5 years:
- Donning a life jacket
- Boarding a survival craft from ship, while wearing a life jacket
- Taking initial actions on boarding a lifeboat to enhance chance of survival
- Streaming a lifeboat drogue or sea-anchor
- Operating survival craft equipment
 -Operating location devices, including radio equipment
* Note that the vessels' registered number and dates on board are also required on the declaration.

Please complete this training with an approved STCW training provider if your certificate has an expiration date after January 1, 2017 as IYT no longer offers STCW courses - as of May 1, 2022.

If you hold the IYT Marshall Islands Basic STCW Certificates, you can continue to work using these qualifications.  However, IYT will no longer renew these certificates.

Holders of Basic STWC qualifications need only do “Refresher Training” for Personal Survival Techniques and Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention with a training provider and present the “Refresher Training” certificate of completion along with your existing IYT Marshall Islands Basic STCW Certificates.