You must complete the school application again. We will evaluate the information to ensure:

  • Your facilities and vessel are equipped and appropriate to offer professional courses. 
  • Your location will not infringe on territory of existing IYT professional school.
  • You have qualified instructors to teach the professional courses.

You must complete instructor applications again for the instructors you are wishing to qualify to teach the courses.  Make sure to include the necessary uploads for our evaluation.

If we decide the school is an appropriate choice based on all of the above submissions, IYT must:

  • inspect the school
  • audit on the first course (if failing audit approval will be withdrawn)

This is all done at the school’s expense.  These expenses will vary based on school’s location as price of airfare and accommodations and daily expenses will vary.  The daily rate of the inspector will also vary.  It would be wise to calculate $4000 to $6000 per visit, however, this is not an official quote and is only given as a guideline to schools to aid in making a decision to pursue.  Becoming an IYT professional partner school is an expensive process and we want schools to be aware of this before spending a vast amount of effort on something they may not be prepared to undertake. 

Please see this link for more information regarding professional schools including cost for school and instructors.

There are official inspection/audits every 5 years by an IYT representative.

All of the above must be done in order for IYT to maintain their high quality standards and to satisfy our ISO 9001:2008 certification, the “Maritime Coastguard Agency of Great Britain” and “Marshall Islands”.

We appreciate all applications for professional partner schools.

*as of December 2016. Prices subject to change.